Eggshell valorization

Calcium bio-carbonate as a raw material for ceramic tiles

Eggshell as a secondary raw material for the ceramics industry

Industrial symbiosis between egg-producing companies and ceramic industries

Implementation of circular economy

Waste reduction

Industrial use of eggshells

The European project LIFE EGGSHELLENCE, funded by the European Commission through the LIFE program, and supported by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) of the Valencian Regional Government (GVA), develops a prototype aimed at obtaining calcium carbonate from eggshell (Bio-CaCO3) for its subsequent use in the manufacturing of ceramic wall tiles.

The main objective is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of using eggshell as a secondary raw material in the manufacturing of ceramic wall tiles. For this purpose, an equipment will be developed to pre-treat the eggshell in order to separate the membrane from the shell itself, thus obtaining CaCO3 from a food industry waste. This will be a simple and low-cost process.